DIY label and distribution since late 2020. only carry Grindcore, Powerviolence. I support bands and musicians who are sincerely pursuing interesting expressions. Thanks. ・Put out bands CD/CASSETTE ESAGOYA Records is always loved about new release and makes it a point to work with unknown bands. If you are interested in putting out your record the best thing to do is send us links to your bands. ・Welcome the orders from overseas let me know orders by e-mail, then reply with the discounts list for overseas users. also, for wholesale, trade, sending demos, etc, please use the e-mail. ・For trader ESAGOYA Records is currently trading our releases/stock with labels, distros, bands. If you are interested in trading, send e-mail. always interested in expanding the distro. 2020年12月設立。グラインドコア、パワーバイオレンスを扱うDIYレーベル/ディストロです。興味深い表現を真摯に追求しているバンドやミュージシャンをサポートしています。 卸売り、トレード、デモ送付など、問い合わせはメールフォームをご利用ください。